The Benefits Of Testing Your Internet Marketing Advertising

The internet is such a big place that many internet marketers do not where to start when it comes to advertising and promoting. So what they do is run a solo ad in a popular ezine. Or they buy traffic by the hit. After awhile it becomes a shotgun approach or throw it on the wall and see what sticks. This is a bad idea for many reasons. Let’s look at some of the benefits of testing the internet marketing advertising you do.

If you have a business that will benefit from traffic on the internet you are going to have to advertise. Unless you have an unlimited budget you will want to know what is working and and what is not working in your internet advertising.

One of the first ways can be as simple as asking ‘how did you hear about us?” You can add a survey form to you website and offer a reward for filling it out. If you capture names and email addresses to create a mailing list you can ask your list how they heard of you in the first email you send them. Knowing how people are finding you allows you to do more of that type of promotions and maybe cut back on something else that is not working.

Embedding code into your ads for the purpose of receiving feedback is also a great way to test the response to your Internet marketing advertising. Your ads can be coded so you receive feedback each time a user clicks through a particular advertisement. This is helpful in letting you know which of your ads is getting the most attention.

Another form of testing is to run 2 different ads at the same time in the same place and see which one pulls the best. You could try different headlines with different text in each ad. You can do this in an email campaign spread out 2 weeks a part for the same product. A simple change in a heading could produce significant results in the response your email gets.

Using good tracking software is important for testing. Your hosting company should provide you with statistics that are helpful as well. You could create 2 different web pages and advertise them separately and then view the stats provided you to see which page is pulling the best results. Tracking your campaigns is one of the huge benefits of Internet advertising. You can see almost immediately when a change you make in a marketing strategy is working. Not so in the old days of yellow page and direct mail campaigns which took longer to make changes or could not be done for a whole year.

Internet marketing offers you many advantages, but make sure you test to optimize your advertising and marketing budgets for the greatest results and profits.