Network Marketing Advertising is So Competitive

There are many ways you can advertise your business on the Internet. Some are free and some cost you some money. Most people either have time or money, using the free ways to advertise usually cost you more time. Network marketing advertising follows the same rules on the Internet. It does appear that it can be a little more difficult to rank on the first page of Google with related terms. Let’s take a look at a few ways.

When it comes to most search engines content is king. Relevant content is very important as well, making sure that all the information associated with your website is original. Articles, videos and blogging are probably the most popular forms of content. With very little effort most anyone could produce some sort of content using these three forms. The only problem with videos is that it is best to have written content of one form or another associated with the video.

An example of video content could be a tutorial or a how-to video. Desktop recording software can be very handy when shooting these types of videos. It’s best to keep the video short, under five minutes, if you’re tutorial will last longer than this I recommend breaking the video up into more than one. If you have a tip or shortcut that could be helpful these videos could be watched by thousands in a short time. Always make sure that you have a link pointing back to the site that you want to promote.

Another good example is writing articles and submitting them to popular sites. You could write an article promoting a video, be sure to point one link back to your video and the other back to the site that you want to promote. Putting into words, exactly what your video is about could be a second form of content promoting the original. Search engines like to see this. I wouldn’t spend a whole lot of time trying to spin an original article into multiple articles. This form of marketing will eventually fade away. The search engines always seem to find ways to detect this.

When trying to rank for keywords it is important to target the top three listings in any popular search engine. Most people will say anything on the first page is good, I disagree. Statistics show that most people will click only the top three sites, the rest of the sites hardly get any clicks at all. It’s much better to rank for a keyword that you can target the top three listings. Finding keywords that are less popular than others, or long tail keywords is always best. Unless you want to spend a lot of time and energy creating content to promote your original content. These are called back links.

Although it is more difficult to target keywords using network marketing advertising it still can be done. One of the biggest problems I see in this industry is that there are so many people, providing so much content that is not relevant. The competition for home based business keywords is pretty high. The attrition rate is also pretty high too, which is what causes advertising costs to skyrocket for these keywords. Spend a little time, focus on the right keywords and watch the traffic to your website grow.